Сайт питомника собак чихуахуа и мексиканская голая "Комел"
  Вас приветствует питомник «Комел»! Welcome to kennel «Komel»!
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Доска объявлений
Чихуахуа. Щенки.
Питомник "КОМЕЛ"


Our kennel was been de facto founded in 1988 when we purchased two female dogs (Japanese Chin and Pekingese). Soon afterwards it was registered in the Russian Cynological Register as «Noble». After the Russian Cynological Federation (RCF) joined the International Cynological Association (FCI), our kennel has been registered in the international register as «Komel» because the «Noble» title was already indicated in the register.

Our kennel has been specializing in 3 breeds:

  • Pekingese (from the date of its establishment to present day),
  • Chihuahua (since 2000),
  • Mexican hairless dog (since 2005).

The dogs grown in our kennel have gained the titles of the Junior Russian Champion, Junior European Champion, National Club Champion, Russian Champion, RCF Champion, Champion of the Russian War Dog Breeding Federation, Candidate to Champions. The first Chihuahua grown in Russia who has gained the title of the Junior European Champion (Bratislava, 2003) – Komel Bismark Avgustin, owner Ms. Elena Myagkova, comes from our nursery. Our dogs served as a basis for the establishment of many Russian and CIS nurseries and for the genealogy of many Champions.


(Moscow, EKOS, 1997)


(Moscow, EKOS, 1999)


«Toy dogs»
(Moscow, 2001)

Kennel Owners

Kovadlo Lyubov Alekseevna – judge of international category, vice-president of the Presidium of the National Pekingese Breed Club, President of the «Favorit-Alians» cynological centre, author of several books («Pekingese», Moscow, EKOS, 1997; «Pug», Moscow, EKOS, 1999; «Toy Dogs», Moscow, 2001.

  Kovadlo Roman Aleksandrovich – co-author of the book «Toy Dogs», Moscow, 2001.

Contact us

Address: Russia, 105568 Moscow, Magnitogorskaya Str., 11-8

Tel: +7(495) 918 8556

Mobile phone: +7(495) 722 3913


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